Comprehensive Transportation Services

PRL and its strategic partners possess the necessary experience and tools to identify and address any transportation configuration.  We can supply customized marine capabilities in the Aleutian Chain, South Central Alaska, and the Pacific Rim, as well as specialized air-forwarding services worldwide.  PRL support includes:

Air, Land and Sea Transport

Aviation Services 


  • Scheduled and off-line chartered services & management
  • Fixed wing, rotary, amphibious, and heavy lift aircraft operations and remote site and field support including: dispatch, weather reporting, heli-deck personnel, passenger orientations, charter reservations management
  • DoD project support addressing Department of Defense (DOD) and Office of Aircraft Services (OAS) approved Aircraft (Domestic Operations) 
  • DoD project support coordinating Civil Aircraft Landing Permits

Marine Services


  • Common Carriage and chartered service
  • Charter management of ships, barges, specialty marine vessels, passenger vessels and tenders.  Specializing in remote site operations and Alaska coastal barging along the entire Alaskan coastline to with extensive experience providing marine services along the North slope, Aleutians, Western, South-central, Southeast and Alaskan Rivers.
  • Specialized experience in moving passengers by marine vessels

Overland Services


  • LTL, TL, and Heavy-Haul permitted load  truck transport
  • Market and unit train rail transport

Cross Tundra / Off-road Services


  • Winter and non-winter application
  • Site assessment and planning for  remote landing strips, barge landings, and overland transit routing